Best Cars Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A sports car would always go well with an Aries' vivacious personality.

Aries: Sports Car

For a Taurean, a full-size SUV (ideally from a luxury manufacturer) is ideal.

Taurus: Full-Size SUV  

A crossover can offer the agility and adaptability of a sedan while providing the room and capacity of an SUV.

Gemini: Crossover

We advise a luxury car outfitted with all the amenities for this sign.

Cancer: Luxury Sedan

In order to satisfy our Leo passions, we chose a convertible.

Leo: Convertible

A wagon car would always blend well with an Aries' enthusiastic outlook.

Virgo: Wagon

We advise a minivan as the ideal vehicle for Libra.

Libra: Minivan