Top 7 Calm Dog Breeds with Easygoing Personalities

A game bird flushing and retrieving breed of English cocker spaniel would be pleased to curl up next to the family inside.

English cocker spaniel

Whippets rarely encounter anyone they don't adore, are patient with children, and cherish their family.


They are the perfect family dog because they are friendly, playful, and calm around kids.

Golden retriever

Tibetan Spaniels develop strong bonds with their owners because they were initially bred to socialize with monks.

Tibetan spaniel

Probably cool and collected, a breed of mountain dog renowned for remarkable rescues.

St. Bernard

There is no fan of your children more devoted and sympathetic than the dog known as the nanny.


Generally speaking, terrier breed dogs and calm dog breeds don't mix, but this one does.

Biewer terrier

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