Toy Dog Breeds That Will Steal Your Heart

What could be cuter than The human-like eyes, thick eyebrows, and cute, stocky figure of the little schnauzer.

Miniature schnauzer

They are unquestionably adorable, energetic, perky, and eager to pick up new skills.

Toy American Eskimo

They are just as portable as your favorite teddy bear, weighing no more than five pounds and less than ten inches tall.

Toy poodle

The shih poo is one of the cutest canines that stays small and is a hybrid between a shih tzu and a poodle.

Shih poo

You would need a heart made of coal to be able to resist this adorable little puppy with those expressive eyes and enthusiastic, feisty dispositions.


They are graceful and dainty, yet they also make great agility dogs.


We adore this adorable miniature dog breed.


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